Fairview Park Police Blotter: Disorderly Conduct at RTA Depot

(Fairview Park) - January 12, 2021, Disorderly Conduct, 21159 Center Ridge Road,1047 hrs

RTA reported a male caused a disturbance on a bus and was now at the RTA bus depot continuing to act out. Employees there identified the male inside the bus depot after he struck a bus with his hand and was rummaging through a RTA van parked on the property. He contacted by officers and found eating potato chips and sitting next to an empty can of beer. The male showed physical evidence of intoxication. He was uncooperative with officers. They arrested the 47- year old Cleveland man for Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication. He remained in custody until he was sober. He was cited and assigned Rocky River Municipal Court date.

January 13, 2021, Petty Theft, Possession, 3221 Westgate Mall, 1951 hrs

Kohl’s management reported a theft of clothing occurring in the store involving a male and female. Officers located the 33 year old female from Cleveland and the 41 year old male from Lakewood outside of Kohl’s after they had left the store. Both individuals were found to be in possession of unpaid merchandise as well as drug paraphernalia and were arrested. They were taken to the Fairview Park Police station where they were booked, assigned a Rocky River Municipal Court date and released on bond. The stolen property was returned to Kohls.

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