Woman Left Devastated After Hearing Boyfriend's Remark On Doorbell Cam

Doorbell cameras can be great. They can catch porch pirates stealing packages, they let you tell salespeople to go away even if you aren't home, and they might even wind up recording something paranormal. However, one woman realized there is a downside to the security device - you might hear something you didn't want to.

When Colbi Carlson checked the footage from her doorbell camera, she realized it captured her boyfriend saying something unkind about her, so she shared it on TikTok with the caption "Merry Christmas to me :(."

In the clip, she explains, "As my boyfriend was leaving my house last night I heard him say something I wish I didn't..." The footage then rolls and you can see her boyfriend tell his buddy, "You know what I want for Christmas? A new girlfriend."

Most commenters were pretty outraged by it, with one writing, "Help the process by making him available for one," and another saying, "Drop him, you deserve better... treat yourself for Christmas, and take care."

However, it turns out Colbi didn't exactly give the whole story. When she noticed how much backlash her man was getting, she put up another video defending him. In it, she explained that it was a total joke. She said, "I actually accidentally told him that he was a downgrade, so he said that back as a joke and apologized. Like I was laughing, that picture of me crying was for something stupid from months ago. Sorry for the confusion and hate, I appreciate the support if that was actually to happen."

While that appeased many of her followers, some still had questions. One asked, "How do you 'accidentally' tell your boyfriend that he's a downgrade?" and another inquired, "How is that a joke? I'm confused."

You can follow Colbi here.

Photo: Dave Basner

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