Westlake Police Blotter: Car From Idaho Popped For Drugs

Westlake PD

WESTLAKE - On 9/11/20 at about 1:37PM an officer stopped a rental vehicle for a traffic violation as it pulled into the Holiday Inn Express on Clemens Rd.The occupants’ story of why they were in town from Idaho seemed suspicious as they claimed they were in Cleveland to “take pictures.”A WPD K9 arrived on scene and alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle.Investigation revealed that the vehicle was carrying approx. 2 kilograms of suspected cocaine.The 4 occupants were brought back to WPD.A 53yo Idaho Falls, ID resident was charged with trafficking in drugs with a recommendation to the county grand jury for additional charges of endangering a child as his 14yo son was in the vehicle when stopped.The 14yo was turned over to Child and Family Services to await pick up by a family member.A 32yo San Fernado, CA and a 41yo Mexican national were also charged with drug trafficking.The adults were transferred to the Cuyahoga County Jail.(Media note: See photo of WPD K9 CASH with the confiscated kilos)

On 9/19/20 at approx. 9:30AM an officer stopped a vehicle on Crocker Rd at Detroit Rd for equipment violations. The driver did stop but soon sped away from the officers in the vehicle. A vehicle pursuit was initiated W/b on Detroit Rd and then N/B on Cedarwood Dr. The 32yo Westlake resident ended up stopping again on Cedarwood just before Bradley Rd. He was taken into custody without further incident. Investigation revealed that the male is suspected of throwing an extended and loaded semi-automatic handgun magazine from the car during the pursuit. Suspected marijuana and paraphernalia were also recovered from the vehicle. The male was charged with failure to comply with additional charges of obstruction and drug possession to be presented to the county Grand Jury. Officers noted that the same male was stopped on 4/23/20 in a vehicle at the Red Roof Inn in Westllake. At that time he was in possession of a loaded handgun and was in the company of 2 juvenile females. That case is still waiting to be presented to the county Grand Jury for Concealed Weapon and Weapons Under Disability charges.

On 9/21/20 at approx. 11AM officers responded to a residence on Regency Cir for a report of 2 vehicles missing from the driveway.The resident said that they had accidently left both SUVs unlocked with the keys inside while parked in the driveway overnight.A report was generated and both vehicles are entered into police databases.

On 9/22/20 at about 10:45AM a citizen responded to WPD to report a fraud.The resident received a phone call from a person who claimed to be from Apple Care regarding her IPhone.The scammer told the victim that her phone had been compromised by Russia and China and they needed to work on the phone.They talked the victim into purchasing gift cards to pay for the access to her phone.She soon realized that this was a scam call but was out the $500 from the gift card.

On 9/22/20 at approx. 6:45AM officers responded to a residence on Meadow Lane for a reported burglary. The residents awoke to find that one of the 1st floor windows and screens were up and open. There was a purse missing from inside. Further inspection revealed that a grey Honda Accord was missing from the driveway. No signs of forced entry were found on the house or from where the vehicle was taken. Detectives later learned that paperwork belonging to the homeowner was scattered in the yard of a house on Scioto in East Cleveland. As they were following-up, the stolen Honda was located occupied on the street. Working with East Cleveland PD, one 19yo female, a resident of that city, was taken into custody. The female was charged with Receiving Stolen Property. She was arraigned in Rocky River Municipal Court on 9/23/20 and her case was bound over to the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury.  Investigators are working to identify others involved.

On 9/23/20 at approx. 5AM officers responded to the area of Detroit Rd at Crocker for a report of a female who appeared disoriented while walking down the middle of Detroit Rd.Officers located the female still standing in the lanes of traffic.The agitated pedestrian explained that she was stranded in the area and did not know what to do. As the RTA was not running at that point the officers offered to give her a ride back toward Cleveland, where she was heading.After checking her identity, the officers learned that she was wanted for a drug offense out of Bedford PD.The 26yo Parma Hts resident was arrested for the warrant.Before transporting her to meet Bedford PD, the investigators discovered that she also possessed a small amount of suspected heroin.The female was turned over to Bedford and the drugs were sent to the lab for analysis. Charges are pending.

On 9/24/20 at approx. 7:45PM officers responded to a 2 car collision in the intersection of Columbia and Detroit Rds.While investigating the crash which closed parts of the intersection, an uninvolved motorist pulled up nearby and started yelling for the officers.The police on scene could figure out that the male basically wanted to offer assistance in the investigation but was slurring his speech and not making sense.The male became uncooperative when the officers began to investigate if he had too much to drink to drive.The 54yo Cleveland resident was field tested and ultimately arrested for OVI.The male tested over 3 and ½ times the legal limit.He was charged with his 5th OVI violation.

On 9/24/20 at about 3:30PM an officer stopped a vehicle in the parking lot of the Super 8 Hotel on Sperry for a traffic violation.There was evidence of drug activity detected in the vehicle and the officers investigated.A semi automatic handgun was found in the car along with loaded magazines for several other guns.The ammunition and handgun were confiscated along with suspected marijuana and paraphernalia.The case on the 40yo Lorain resident will be presented to the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury.

Cash Westlake PD
Westlake evidence

Photos courtesy of Westlake Police

Photo 1: cash seized

Photo 2:: evidence from police stop

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