Two Men Accused of Abducting A Real Estate Agent

(North Ridgeville) - A real estate agent's worst nightmare happened last Saturday in North Ridgeville. Police say a real estate agent was almost kidnapped by two men.

Police were called out to a home on Homecret Drive. a 54-year-old woman reported that she was waiting to show a home on the street when two men drove up in a silver SUV. After a brief conversationthe driver asked for a business card.When the woman returned to her car to get a business card, the driver grabbed her by the arm and attempted to pull her into the vehicle.The realtor reported that the passenger yelled “Get her in here!” and “let’s go!”After a struggle, the realtor was able to break free and get into her vehicle and lock the doors.The two men drove off, but were arrested Wednesday.

45-year-old David Helton of Vermilion (left photo) and 37-year-old Michael Evans of Henrietta Township (right photo) are both charged with abduction and assault. They will be arraigned in Elyria Municipal Court on Thursday.

(Photos courtesy North Ridgeville Police)

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