CLE Service Workers Say the Lives of Staff Are in Jeopardy Amid Pandemic

FrontLine Service

(Cleveland, OH) - Frontline Service Workers in Cleveland Say the Lives of Staff and Clients Are in Jeopardy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Union Members With Frontline Service, a non-profit behavioral health organization in Cleveland, are deeply concerned after two employees with the organization have lost their lives due to COVID19. Workers cite office protocols and a lack of PPE availability and say that action from management is needed immediately.

“We’ve now lost two co-workers due to this pandemic. We know that management feels this loss as we do. However, we are demanding immediate action for those still physically on-site. These concerns just aren’t being heard or acted on,” said John Jones, an Executive Board Member with SEIU District 1199 who is an intake specialist and has worked for Frontline Service for over 12 years. “The situation is awful,” continued Mr. Jones. “At the organization, we are highly dedicated to serving the public and at-risk populations. The reasons that make this work so critical and important now also put staff at greater risk. Despite that, workers with Frontline Service remain steadfast in serving public.”

Workers with Frontline Service say that management has failed to act on their concerns, even after the spread of COVID19 among their staff in the workplace. Most egregiously, workers state that personal protective equipment has not been widely available in the workplace, despite such equipment being available to their employer. Additionally, they say that safety protocols have been breached or not followed, leading to the spread of COVID19 among staff. Finally, they say that more employees should be working from home, until a safer work environment can be maintained. 

“We are demanding to be heard. We are calling on Frontline Service CEO Susan Neth to act immediately,” continued Jones. “We honor our co-workers and their deep commitment to this work. Management must act to address these safety concerns.”

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