Secretary LaRose to Demonstrate Voting Safeguards for Disabled Ohioans

Frank LaRose Ohio Secretary of State

(Cleveland, OH) - Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose told WTAM earlier this week that his office is committed to making every voting location accessible, especially for those with disabilities.

During National Disabilities Week, Secretary LaRose stated, "voting is for all Ohioans. Every citizen over 18 years old, we want to hear your voice. Regardless of your physical or developmental disability, you deserve to have a voice and your vote matters".

Secretary LaRose also said, "for our disabled Ohio voters, we want them to have that same personal, dignified, private experience that every voter has...we want this to be a dignified experience for them. We go to great lengths to make this happen. Every voting location has to be accessible especially during early voting. A special effort is made during the four weeks of early voting and those facilities are made accessible.

Early voting begins October 6th, as the last day of voter registration ends on October 5th.

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