MLB COVID Schedule Challenges

CLEVELAND--Fans, teams and broadcasters alike are waiting for the official 2020 MLB schedule.

Here's what we know so far:

-60 Game schedule

-30 Home Games/30 Road Games

-Home Games will be held at normal home sites without fans

-Road Games will be held at normal road sites without fans

-40 games vs Division Opponents, 10 per team. For example, the Indians will face MIN, CWS, DET & KC 10 times each.

-20 games vs Opposite League but Same Region. AL East vs NL East, AL Central vs NL Central & AL West vs NL West. The Indians will face CHC, PIT, CIN, STL & MIL four times each.

-Season will start on Thursday July 23rd or Friday July 24th (DUE TO COVID19, SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

-Last Day of the regular season is Sunday September 27th. This was the original scheduled last day on the old 162 MLB schedule in 2020.

-Postseason will still hold 10 teams under the normal format in October.

Here's what we don't know:

-The home/road split between teams are not known.

-If fans will be allowed in the stands later in the season

USA TODAY Sports MLB columnist Bob Nightengale added more information about the challenges of releasing the 2020 schedule.

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