Girls Die In Hammock Accident In Cleveland Heights

(Cleveland Heights) - Two young sisters died Sunday night in what's being called a bizarre accident at their home.

The two girls, 14-year-old Scout Scarvilli, and her 12-year-old sister Chasey, were in a hammock. Cleveland Heights Police say the hammock was tied up between a tree and a brick pillar. According to police, the pillar collapsed on top of the girls.

Rescuers got the girls out from under the pile of bricks, but both girls died at the hospital.

Scout (left photo) and Chasey (right photo) were students at Hathaway Brown School. Scout was going to enter ninth grade, Chasey was about to enter seventh grade. The school is holding a memorial ceremony for the girls this evening (Monday, June 15) from 7-8 p.m. to reflect on their lives and memories.

The head of Hathaway Brown, Fran Bisselle, said, "Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to their family."

(Photos courtesy Hathaway Brown School)

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