WTAM News Reporter, Hall of Famer Ken Robinson Retiring from Radio

Cleveland - One of the most prolific news reporters in WTAM 1100 history is set to retire Friday.

Our own Ken Robinson, who has graced us with his superior reporting for the better part of 40 years has decided to walk away from the business.

"Over the years, I've had the privilege of interviewing many interesting and infamous people," said Robinson. "Pem Farnsworth, the mother of Television. Groundbreaking Radio and TV journalists Mal Goode and Bob Teague. Civil Rights pioneers Fred Gray and Jesse Jackson. Convicted assassin James Early Ray. TV personalities Jerry Springer, rocker Todd Rungren and WTAM's Geraldo Rivera. Authors Naomi Wolfe and Whitley Streiber. Actors Danny Glover, Jeff Daniels, Ann Julian, Scarlett Johannsen, Monica Potter and Helen Hayes. Singer and entertainer Glen Campell. Actor/Director and diabetes activist Stephen Furst. Baseball greats Lou Brock, Phil Neikro and Bob Feller. Astronaut and former Senator John Glenn. Financial guru Suze Orman. Panic Expert Lucinda Bassett. Native-American activist Jerome Warcloud. General Motors CEO Roger Smith and more politicians then I can ever remember, just to name a few. But, I say it was my privilege because I enjoy listening to the views and experiences of learned people."

Ken, who graduated with a B.A in Mas Media Communication from Cleveland State University and a Minor in Sociology, along with an A.A. in Business Administration from Cuyahoga Community College, was born in Cleveland.

He began his official media career in public relations at The Urban League of Greater Cleveland in 1976.

Ken would then move on to WJMO in 1979 as a Newscaster and morning show co-host. He followed that with a jump to WGAR as a newscaster and reporter in 1982, including hosting award winning shows such as "Sunday Digest" and "Thought You'd Like to Know".

Then, in 2000, Ken joined the news team at WTAM 1100. Over the next 20 years, he would go on to report and anchor news not only on our airwaves, but also on WMJI, WGAR, WHLO and WKBN.

Perhaps the crowing acheivement of Ken's however was in 2015, when he was inducted into the The Press Club of Cleveland's Hall of Fame.

From all of us at WTAM 1100 and Iheartradio, we wish Ken an amazing future and thank him for all the time, effort and love he has put into his craft for the better part of these last 40 plus years.

Photos by: Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

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