Rules Set For Gyms, Fitness Centers, Day Camps To Reopen

(Cleveland) - Rules have been set by the State of Ohio for when gyms, fitness centers, and day camps open in coming days.

Rules for gyms, fitness centers, dance studios are much the same as other businesses. Social distancing will be required, along with disinfection of equipment before and after use, and removal of some seating. Use of hand soap or hand sanitizer will be necessary.

Specific to places you work out are rules that saunas, steamrooms, and communal showers, must be shut down.

Mask wearing is recommended for patrons, but required for staff.

Gyms and fitness centers can open May 29.

Many of the rules for day camps are the same as other businss, including hand washing, but that hand washing must be done by staff and children throughout the day. Staff must wash their hands when they arrive at, and leave work, when they serve food, after they use a bathroom, and after they handle animals. Children must wash their hands when they arrive and leave, when they use the bathroom, and when they come inside after being outside.

Day camps can have a staff to child ratio no greater than 1:9.

Day camps can open in Ohio on May 31.

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