Summa Health Temporarily Suspending Ops At Medina Emergency Center

(Medina) - For the time being, there will be one less emergency medical center in Medina.

Summa Health is temporarily suspending operations of its Medina Emergency Department as of the end of the business day on Wednesday, May 6. The decision was made because of a drop in the number of people seeking care, and the need to preserve personal protection equipment, or PPEs.

Summa Health says before the pandemic, the ER in Medina saw an average of 20 people per day. Now, that's down to about seven per day, and as few as two some days.

Summa Health says its Medina Medical Group Family Practive will offer expanded hours until 9 p.m.

There is still an emergency room in Medina at Cleveland Clinic-Medina Hospital. That is open 24 hours/7 days. Cleveland Clinic has said it will not close any of its ERs during the pandemic.

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