Magnificat receives Encouraging Environmental Excellence in Education Award

Rocky River - Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson has awarded Magnificat High School with the Leaf Class of Encouraging Environmental Excellence in Education.

Magnificat High School has supported and encouraged a student sustainability club for more than two decades, incorporating environmental education in all grade levels and subject matters, and challenging a neighboring school to a “Race to Zero” competition to reduce compost contamination.

“We greatly appreciate Magnificat High School’s efforts to foster the students’ environmental stewardship creativity while also incorporating environmental and sustainable concepts into school curriculum,” said Director Stevenson. “Magnificat High School is an environmental steward in the community and an environmental leader in our state.”

Magnificat President Moira Clark said, "We are proud of the ongoing efforts made by our school community around sustainability, and we are grateful to be recognized by the Ohio EPA through the E4 Program."

The E4 program recognizes K-12 public or private schools for achievements in environmental stewardship and efforts to educate students on environmental topics. The program has three levels: root, branch, and leaf, based on how many of the ‘Three R” environmental principles (reduce, reuse, and recycle) the school is incorporating in its curriculum or school activities. Schools can apply at any time through a downloadable application.

The recognition program is based on the Encouraging Environmental Excellence program, which recognizes businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies for going above and beyond compliance with requirements while demonstrating environmental excellence.

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