Geis Hospitality kicks off Initiative to Provide 3,500 Free Meals

Cleveland - Monday marked the first day of providing free meals to Downtown Cleveland’s residents, furloughed employees, and charities.

Last week the hospitality group owning Downtown Cleveland's Metropolitan at the 9 announced their plan to provide 3,500 meals weekly to those in need within the community, the furloughed staff, and residents of their properties at no cost.

This week, kitchens at the Metropolitan at the 9 reopened their doors to furloughed employees to provide free meals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the remaining duration of the stay-at-home advisory. The opposite days will also employ furloughed workers focusing on research and development of a new menu to launch at their Adega restaurant.

Kitchen staff within Geis Hospitality will be led by Executive Chef and Hell’s Kitchen alum, Natalie Blake, and her team known for their charitable contributions throughout Cleveland.

Geis Hospitality’s Wild Eagle Steak and Saloon concept will also work towards the overall goal of 3,500 meals per week. Wild Eagle Steak and Saloon in Broadview Heights will operate on alternating days Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with a focus on providing meals to communities, including charities and churches in Broadview Heights and surrounding suburbs. This component will stretch Geis Hospitality’s arm to reach a broader audience with exposure to older at-risk individuals.

With both Geis Hospitality restaurant brands joining together, it is expected that the total weekly meals provided will likely exceed 3,500 within the first week.

If charities would like to be considered to be part of this program, please email Geis Hospitality’s Director of Marketing, Ryan Sanecki at

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