New lakefront apartments planned for Cleveland

(Cuyahoga County) - A new apartment complex is being planned closed to downtown Cleveland, along the Lake Erie shore near East 55th Street.

Four-point-5 acres of property have been purchased next to the Shoreline Apartments. John Carney of the Landmark Companies says they are proposing to construct what is preliminarily being called Shoreline Two.

It will feature 214 units spanning 4 stories over covered parking. Carney says the majority of units will feature four styles of one bedroom apartments, with the remaining 20-to-24 units consisting of two bedroom units. It's being designed by Vocon, a Cleveland architectural firm.

Carney explains they are awaiting final city approval to prepare for construction, and is hopeful some site work may begin this spring or summer. Major construction is expected to start in the fall of 2020.

Carney tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, some the land around their project is owned by the city, and will be converted into public foot and bike paths, allowing access to the lakefront.

He says the aim is to bring more people to downtown Cleveland where there is a growing demand for one bedroom housing.

(Photos provided by the Landmark Companies)

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