This Day In History- Jack Ripper's Fifth Victim, Mary Jane Kelly, Was Found

November 9th

Today in 1620,after a month of delays off the English coast – and about two months at sea –the Mayflower spotted land…what we now know as Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Today in 1821,the first pharmacy college in the United States – the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy –held its first classes.

Today in 1862,Union General Ulysses S. Grant issued orders to bar Jews from serving under him. “Refuse all [travel] permits to come south of Jackson, Mississippi, for the present. The Israelites,” he noted. “Especially should be kept out.”

Today in 1888,Jack Ripper's fifth victim, Mary Jane Kelly, was found. Many experts believe that she was the Ripper’s final victim.

Today in 1911,George Claude applied for the patent for the electric neon sign.

Today in 1938,glass storefronts and house windows were smashed throughout Jewish neighborhoods in Germany. Thousands of books were burned and synagogues were torched. 91 Jews were killed and over 30,000 arrested. The evening is remembered as “Kristallnacht” (Crystal Night), a sign of the destruction soon to come at the hands of the Nazis.

Today in 1965,Willie Mays was named MVP of the National League.

Today in 1965, the Department of Housing and Urban Development was created.

Today in 1984,the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington was completed by the addition of the Frederick Hart statue, "Three Servicemen." It was unveiled two days later

Today in 1985,Dennis Miller began his run as host of “Weekend Update"on “Saturday Night Live.”

Today in 1985,on NBC’s "Saturday Night Live," Jon Lovitz debuted one of his best-loved characters– Tommy Flanagan [[fla-NAY-gan]], the president and founder of Pathological Liars Anonymous.

Today in 1989,the 27.9-mile-long Berlin Wall, the symbol of the Cold War that separated East and West Germany for 28 years,was opened at 11:17PM. Both East and West German citizens celebrated freedom as they once again could walk freely between the two states.

Today in 1993,actress Angie Dickinson said, “Not on your life!”and walked out on a “This Is Your Life” TV tribute. She was the first celebrity to do so in the history of the show.

Today in 1998,Michael Jacksonsettled a lawsuit over stories and pictures in the “London Daily Mirror”that said his face had been disfigured by cosmetic surgery. A lawyer for the publisher said, "The photographs were taken honestly and were not tampered with, but the “Mirror” has since met with the plaintiff in person and acknowledges that the photographs do not accurately represent the plaintiff's true appearance."

Today in 1999,the flight data recorder from EgyptAir Flight 990 was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean and shipped to the NTSB laboratory in Washington.

Today in 2014,Germany celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall; white balloons marking a stretch of the wall symbolized its disappearance.

Today in 2015,Tim Wolfe, President of the University of Missouri,resigned amid protests of endemic racism on campus.

Today in 2015,San Diego's SeaWorld announced plans to overhaul its killer whale showafter controversy over the whales’ treatment.

Today in 2015,the World Anti-Doping Agency commission report recommended that the Russian Federation be banned from athletics competitions for running a "state-supported" doping program.

Today in 2017, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls in "Washington Post" report.

Today in 2017, five women detailed sexual misconduct by comedian Louis a "New York Times" report. Unlike others who have been similarly accused, the comedian owned up to his behavior within 24 hours– and apologized. 

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