This week our Featured Furry Friend is a handsome 5 year old former stray named Buster. A kind person noticed Buster and saw how scared and sick he was and brought him to the APL. Buster’s mouth was in terrible shape and he had NINE teeth removed. While he was recovering in a foster home his true, lovable personality came out almost immediately! He LOVES to be around people, loves to be held and is even working on learning some tricks! Buster is FIV+ which means his immune system is a little weaker than the average cat's, making him more susceptible to diseases. With proper care such as regular visits to the vet, FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. They should also be indoor only cats not only for their own safety but to also prevent the spread of FIV to other cats. To learn more about Buster, call the APL at 216-771-4616 or log on to ClevelandAPL.org. Check back next week for another Featured Furry Friend from the Cleveland APL!



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