Rocky River Police Blotter: Garbage, Scams and Parking on Sidewalks

Rocky River -

  • On 10/08/2019 at about 3:15 PM a Pease Dr. resident came to the police station to report the neighbor that lives below her is harassing her by asking her not to use her garbage disposal. The neighbor said the complainant clogged the disposal in the past causing flooding and water damage in his apartment. They were advised of the issue was not a police matter and agreed to have no further contact. 

  • On 10/08/2019 at about 3:50 PM a caller reported someone entered his home on Jameston Dr. and stole his mobile phone. Police arrived to take a report and found the phone on the floor in the residence. 

  • On 10/08/2019 at about 7:20 PM a Wooster Rd. resident reported unauthorized charges on her credit card over $500.00. No suspects were identified. 

  • On 10/10/2019 at about 12:30 PM police assisted an elderly Northview Dr. resident who was contacted by an unknown caller reporting that her granddaughter was in jail in Florida and she must pay $4000.00 for her release. Detectives were able to convince her of the attempted scam only after family members were contacted and her granddaughter called to assure her she was not in jail.


  • On 10/11/2019 at about 4:10 AM a patrol officer saw a car parked over the curb on the sidewalk on Wagar Rd. north of Westway Rd. The car was occupied by a woman later identified as 41-year-old Kishon Sonda from Cleveland.

While talking with Ms. Sonda, the investigating officer detected indicators of alcohol intoxication and was arrested for felony drunk driving because of several prior convictions for the same offense. 

Photo courtesy of Rocky River Police Department

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