Rocky River Police Blotter: Stealing, Stealing and More Stealing

Rocky River -

  • On 09/10/2019 at about 6:35 PM a Hilliard Blvd. resident reported the theft of a bicycle from their residence sometime the day before between 5:00 and 8:00 PM. The bicycle was a Huffy 26" Sledgehammer boys bike that is camouflage and orange.

  • On 09/12/2019 at about 7:00 AM a woman reported that her purse was stolen from Starbucks 19555 Detroit Rd. and a suspect was seen running on Detroit Rd. Police were able to locate the purse and its contents behind property on Allen Ct. near Detroit Rd. but the suspect was unable to be located.

  • On 09/13/2019 at about 12:55 PM police went to Colour Theory 19142 Old Detroit Rd. to investigate a theft complaint. The owner of the store reported that she agreed to let a "social media influencer" borrow clothing valued at about $352 for use during a photo shoot and, in return, the store would be mentioned. An agreement was reached, including a signed document, that the clothes would be returned by 09/09/2019. When they weren't, the owner contacted the woman via Instagram and she made excuses why she couldn't return the clothes and eventually stopped responding. She finally agreed to return the clothes after she was advised that the alternative was a theft charge. The case is open pending the return of the clothes.

  • On 09/14/2019 at about 4:40 PM the manager of Fitworks 20001 Center Ridge Rd. reported the theft of $120 from a patron's unlocked locker. About 90 minutes later, a second patrol reported the theft of $50 from a locker. This locker had a padlock cut off. Both victims declined a report. 

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