Bay Village Police Blotter: Graffiti on Knickerbocker

Bay Village -

On 09/09/2019, at 1024 hrs, a BVPD officer was dispatched to a residence in the 24000 block of Knickerbocker.The resident recently had a privacy fence installed.A neighbor complained about the fence to the city, and the City Building Inspector came out to look at the fence.The fence was in compliance with all building codes.On the morning of the 9th the homeowner woke up and discovered that someone had spray painted the new fence.After an investigation, officers learned a neighbor had spray painted the fence.The homeowner declined prosecution.

On 09/10/2019, at 1548 hrs, a Henry Rd. resident reported an air compressor was missing from his garage.Police are investigating.

On 09/11/2019, a caller reported a group of juveniles were being unruly and creating a traffic problem with their bicycles in the parking lot of Bradley Park.A BVPD officer located the group of juveniles.They were strongly advised and sent on their way.

On 09/14/2019, at 1702 hrs, a Nantucket Row resident called to report a gold sedan had just driven over one of the trees in her tree lawn and fled the scene.Avon Lake reported an incident where a vehicle with the same description drove over a stop sign.ALPD located the vehicle parked on Electric near Brunswick in their city.The driver, a 31 yoa male Avon Lake resident, was issued several citations for moving violation from BVPD and ALPD.

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