Frank Q. Jackson is free on bond in assault case

(Cleveland) - The grandson of Mayor Frank Jackson is out on bond. Frank Q. Jackson is accused of assaulting his teenage girlfriend earlier this summer.

Frank Q. was kept in custody several days longer than anticipated because of a shortage of ankle bracelets. Investigators considered him to a be a flight risk after posting $25,000 bond, and pleading not guilty in the assault case. He was locked up September 5th.

The Cuyahoga County prosecutor says he's also a suspect in the murder of Antonio Parra. Police say a car that fled the scene of Parra's murder matched the description of the one registered to Frank Q., it was found torched on Holton Avenue on August 30th.

Michael O'Malley has confirmed that Frank Q. is now a prime suspect in the death of Parra, who was gunned down outside a Clark Avenue barbershop by two men wearing black hoodies.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM & the Cleveland Division of Police)

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