Mrs C

This week our Featured Furry Friend is an adorable little cat named Mrs. C!This cutie showed up as a stray at the City of Cleveland Kennel, but since they only take care of dogs, she was sent over to the APL.Mrs. C was NOT happy being loaded into a carrier, or being poked and prodded by the vets at the APL but they helped her get rid of the fleas and other bugs she had picked up on the street.Mrs. C very quickly figured out that life as an inside cat is no so bad and that the people she was surrounded by were really nice too!That scared and angry little cat has turned into a sweet and friendly girl that greets visitors with purrs and head butts.To learn more about Mrs. C, call the APL at 216-771-4616 or log on to Check back next week for another Featured Furry Friend from the Cleveland APL!



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