Avon Lake Adds Jail Time To Those Who Pass Stopped Schools Buses

Avon Lake - Avon Lake City Council has unanimously approved an ordinance that increases penalties for illegally passing a stopped school bus.

The ordinance, which was approved at the council's Monday night meeting, makes the violations a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail. It also increases the potential fine from $500 to $750.

"Maybe now these knuckleheads out here will pay attention and stop behind these buses, and hopefully protect their kids," said Bill, a concerned Avon Lake resident.

Most of the reaction to the ordinance's passing has been positive, despite an issue coming up at a previous council meeting.

Last week, council postponed a vote on the measure after a resident challenged its constitutionality under Ohio law.

The city’s law director reviewed the proposal and presented that review to council before a vote, which showed they were in-bounds to make the decision.

Photo by: Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

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