Ohio Democrats call for probe of voter purge

(Columbus) - The Ohio Democratic Party today filed a public records request with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, seeking internal and external communications surrounding the latest confusion over the office’s ongoing purging of voters, with the next purge scheduled for Sept. 6.

“We hope that the public records we are seeking will help get to the bottom of the last few weeks of confusion and errors at the Secretary of State’s Office, and how the Office has handled good-faith concerns raised by good government and voting rights groups,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper.

The request comes amid calls that the upcoming purge be postponed amid the confusion and errors.

The Cleveland.com editorial board yesterday called for the Sept. 6 purge to be postponed.

Mike Brickner, Ohio director of All Voting is Local, told the Toledo Blade that LaRose should delay the planned Sept. 6 purge after the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office reported that nearly 10,000 voter registrations that had been targeted for possible removal from the voter rolls have now been restored.

“The concern goes back to the overall problem with the supplemental process,” Brickner told the Blade. “If the 10,000 people are individuals who have confirmed their voter registration, they are still registered voters in Ohio. This shows the supplemental process is not a good process to remove people from the rolls who have moved or died.”

And the Ohio Democratic Party has called for an immediate halt to the Secretary of State’s purging of Ohio voters, and an independent statewide audit, following errors in several counties and reports that the Ohio League of Women Voters identified active voters scheduled to be purged from the rolls improperly.

Pepper added: “Given recent confusion and errors, purging hundreds of thousands of more voters on September 6 makes no sense. We need an outside entity to conduct a full audit and accounting of each county’s voter purging procedures going back to the purging under Jon Husted. Until we know the real extent of these errors and improper voter purges, and we can ensure that voters are treated the same in every county, it is incumbent on LaRose to stop the purging process.”

“Just one voter wrongly purged is one too many. Every Ohio voter should be able to rest assured that their registrations are secure and that their right to vote is not being trampled and taken away.”

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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