City of Cleveland Selects Shared Mobility Device and Bicycle Vendors

Cleveland - The City of Cleveland has invited four vendors to continue in the permitting process for the dockless scooter and bike share program.

Following a competitive interdepartmental evaluation of applications, the following vendors were selected for consideration:

·Bird (e-bicycles and e-scooters)

·Lime (e-scooters)

·Spin (e-scooters)

·VeoRide (e-scooters)

“The goal of legislation regulating this new industry is to ensure that there are rules and a process for shared mobility devices operating in the City of Cleveland,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Sensible regulation aims to make this mode of transportation safer and more efficient for all sharing the road.”

The City of Cleveland received applications from seven companies for the initial six-month shared mobility demonstration period.

“The vendors selected demonstrated their ability to offer Cleveland the best in the industry in terms of multimodal access, customer service, and adherence to local regulations,” said Chief of Operations Darnell Brown. “We look forward to working with them during the six-month demonstration period.” Before receiving permits and offering services to the public, vendors will submit additional information to the City, including contact information for local staff.

In preparation for the introduction of dockless scooter and bike share on Cleveland streets, City staff will mark parking locations for dockless devices on sidewalks in the coming weeks. Additionally, a schedule of public educational events featuring the four selected vendors will be announced by Aug. 16.

For more information on the dockless scooter and bike share, click here.

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