Bay Village Police Blotter: 12-year-old's $300 Scooter Stolen

Bay Village-

On 07/30/2019, at 21:42 hours, officers were dispatched to a Westlawn Drive address on the report of an intoxicated female. The complainant told officers that her granddaughter was highly intoxicated and threw a chair. The 28-year old female smelled of an alcoholic beverage and could only speak unintelligibly. After being given the option of calling a sober friend for a ride and refusing to do so, she was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct/Intoxication. Being unable to walk to the patrol car, officers had to carry her. At the station, she had to be carried into the jail. She was placed into a cell until the next morning, when she decided to call for a ride.

On 08/02/2019, at 10:23 hours, a subcontractor called to report the theft of a “Palmer MPTKC Multi-Thread Pressure Tester” from a job site on Red Oak Court. On Friday, 07/26/2019, when the last of the other workers left, the garage door was not closed, because birds were getting trapped inside the structure. Upon returning Monday morning, it was discovered that the pressure tester was no longer attached to the PVC pipe in the utility room area, near the garage. The complainant said the tester was valued at $125.00. Information was taken and forwarded to the detective bureau.

On 08/02/2019, at 17:31 hours, a female came to the station with her 12-year old son, to report the theft of his custom-made scooter. The boy had been visiting at a friend’s house, on Lake Road, near Breezewood Drive. When he went outside to leave, his Aztek scooter was missing from the side of the garage. The scooter is described as black, with black wheels & pegs on the right side and blue handles. The mother said it was valued at $300.00. Information was taken for a report.

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