Georgia Inmates Save Man Who Was Trying To Commit Suicide

A suicidal inmate is alive thanks to the quick-thinking actions of three other prisoners. The three inmates were eating dinner at a Gwinnett County jail in Georgia when they noticed a man was trying to hang himself from a railing on the second floor.

One of the inmates alerted a deputy while the other two ran over and grabbed his legs to support his weight. The other inmate and the deputy rushed up the stairs and worked to remove the sheet he had tied around his neck.

After the man was freed, he tried to run back up the stairs, but the inmates tackled him and helped the correctional officers secure him.

The three inmates, who were identified as Ibrahim Mujic, Fredrick Huse, and Vance Wallace, were praised for rushing to help a man they had never met.

"We are all very, very proud of their actions," Shannon Volkodav, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office said. "I told them what they did was remarkable, because they have no obligation to step in and save someone's lives. We are literally sworn to protect people, but these inmates have never taken such an oath."

The suicidal inmate was not injured, but was transferred the prison's medical unit.

Photo: Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

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