Westlake Police Blotter: Drugs, Infants And Credit Card Encoders

Westlake -

On 6/18/19 at about 2:40pm officers responded to a report of a female overdosing in her vehicle in the parking lot of Walgreens on Center Ridge Rd.The driver of the car was found unresponsive but began to revive once officers administered 2 doses of narcan.Westlake Fire transported the 29yo Elyria resident to the hospital while officers collected evidence on scene.The female was charged with OVI and driving under suspension and was released at the hospital.

On 6/18/19 at approx. 5:15pm an officer stopped a vehicle on Bassett at Detroit after learning that the owner of the car had an active warrant.The 34yo driver, from Cleveland, had a warrant from North Olmsted PD.When the passenger wouldn’t identify himself, the officer became suspicious.Inside the vehicle the officers located suspected marijuana, a scale and packaging baggies.More alarming was a loaded semi- automatic handgun found under the passenger seat.

The gun was reported as stolen out of Cleveland.The passenger, a 27yo male from Cleveland, was arrested for receiving stolen property and having a weapon while under a disability as he had current warrants for his arrest as well as prior weapons and drugs charges.

On 6/20/19 at approx. 5pm officers responded to a report of a fight in progress at Dave and Busters on First St.The physical altercation was complete by the time officers arrived.In questioning witnesses and participants, it turns out all the people involved belonged to the same extended family.While there were several reported minor injuries no one wished to be seen by medical professionals.On one wanted to pursue criminal charges.Statements were gathered for prosecutor review.

On 6/21/19 at about 9:30am an officer stopped a vehicle leaving the Red Roof Inn on Clemens for a traffic violation.The occupants were from Michigan and said that they were just driving around without any apparent plans.The vehicle smelled like marijuana and there was a 6 month old child in the back seat so the investigation continued.Inside the vehicle officers located a small baggie of suspected marijuana along with numerous credit cards in various peoples’ names, a credit card encoder, a laptop and a tablet.

Credit card encoders are used to load other people’s information on fraudulent cards.The 21yo male from Warren, MI was arrested.The female and baby’s mother was interviewed and later released without criminal charges.The male was charged with felony counterfeiting with recommendations for possession of criminal tools and receiving stolen property.


1) June 18th, received a complaint from a citizen who found a desired vehicle on the application "Offer Up." The "seller" instructed our victim to buy Ebay gift cards and send pictures of the card numbers for payment. The suspect then asked for more Ebay card numbers to pay for auto insurance and transport of the vehicle. The victim is out the price of the cards. ***Do not buy gift cards and send or read the numbers on the cards to pay for the sale of merchandise, pay for supposed fines, pay for tax debt to the IRS, to email to your supposed boss, or to get your grandchild out of jail! These are all common scams! If someone asks for payment in gift cards it is a SCAM!***

2) June 19th, received a report from another citizen who had their motorcycle listed on Craigslist. The "buyer" sent a check for way over the asking price and asked for money orders to be sent back to the "buyer" for the difference. Although the bank allowed the check to be deposited it will turn out to be drawn on a fraudulent or closed account after the whole processing is done. The victim will be out the money sent to the scammer. ***If the deal seems too good to be true it almost always is! If someone sends payment for well over the asking price cut off the transaction and report it to Craigslist or whatever platform you are using. It is a SCAM!***

Pictures courtesy of The Westlake Police Department

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