Cleveland's top doc says the healthcare system is broken

(Cuyahoga County) - The head of Cleveland's Metrohealth Medical System claims society is failing to fix the cause of most medical problems.

Speaking at the Cleveland City Club, Dr. Akram Boutros says adverse childhood experiences is the reason for most health problems.

Boutros maintains that obesity, diabetes, depression, STD's, suicide, infant mortality, and drug abuse can often be traced back to a difficult childhood, effected by poverty, abuse, divorce, family dysfunction, racism, and crime. He feels we won't be able to improve health care until these issues are addressed.

Boutros reports that in Cuyahoga County, infant mortality, suicides, and cardiovascular disease are much higher than the national average, while flu vaccinations are below national benchmarks, because society is not addressing the conditions that lead to adverse childhood experiences.

He claims the leaders are mistakenly focused on building bigger high-tech hospitals, and developing treatments for rare diseases, and not the conditions that cause most common and preventable illnesses.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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