Avenatti Tries To Take Down Trump. Takes Down News Networks, Himself

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Disgraced lawyer and professional defendant Michael Avenatti is back in the news.

This time, Federal Prosecutors in New York say that Avenatti used forged paperwork to steal $300,000 from then-client, Stormy Daniels. This indictment shouldn't be confused with the charges the 48-year-old is dealing with for allegedly extorting $25 million from Nike or the multi count indictment in California alleging that he stole millions of dollars from clients, didn’t pay taxes, committed bank fraud and lied during bankruptcy proceedings.

This is the latest black eye for Avenatti, who was considering running for President, and for the networks who used him to slam President Trump over his affair with Daniels.

The man CNN and MSNBC used to destroy the credibility of Donald Trump seems to have no credibility of his own. The next time they want to fire shots at the President, the news networks should make sure their gun is loaded.

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