Solon Police Blotter: Domestic Violence, OVI's & Teens Steal Alcohol

Solon Police

Solon, OH - Domestic Violence: (Liberty Hills Apartments) April 26th. 2019 at 9:51 AM. Solon Police received were dispatched to an apartment in the Liberty Hills Complex to investigate a report of a male and a female fighting. Upon arrival of the first officer he indicated that he heard yelling coming from the apartment he was directed to. While waiting for a back-up officer, a female exited the apartment. The female indicated that she had come to drop off her two children with their father. When the father opened the door, the victim indicated that he was acting “funny”. The victim asked to use the restroom. She was allowed entry but instead of using the hall bathroom, she tried to gain entry to the bedroom bathroom but was blocked. This resulted in a verbal altercation which then turned physical when the victim slapped the father after learning that there was another woman present. The victim reported that she was then strangled around her neck and then pinned to the bed. The victim was eventually freed and left the apartment without her children. The victim attempted to re-enter the apartment but was denied. The father, Gifted Antwone Terrell Garret provided a similar account of the incident with the exception of he states that he did not choke the victim but grabbed her around the stomach similar to a bear hug to restrain her. Garret was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Solon Correction Center. A copy of the report was sent to the city prosecutor’s office for review of possible additional charges.

OVI/BAC/Marked Lanes/Lighted lights required: (31000 block Miles Rd.) April 26th, 2019 at 8:40 PM. A Solon Police Officer on patrol observed a vehicle on Miles Road eastbound near Neptune Dr. being operated with required headlights. The vehicle was observed travelling over the center line and using its turn signal without making a turn. The vehicle was stopped in the 31000 block of Miles Rd. The operator of the vehicle was found to have a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Her speech was slurred and she admitted to having wine with dinner and something after. A series of field tests were performed which indicated that she was impaired. A portable breath also indicated impairment. Pamela Blake, 70 from Moreland Hills was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. A breath test was administered resulting in reading of .140

Curfew/Theft/Liquor Possession: (34310 Aurora Rd. Market District) April 27th, 2019 at 1:06 AM.A Solon Police officer working an off duty job at the Market District was notified by employees of two juvenile females that were in the store unaccompanied and kept going in and out of one of the bathrooms. The officer detained the two females, a 12 year old and a 14 year old and contacted their parents. Upon checking the bathroom the girls were seen in, the officer discovered three empty wine cooler bottles. When confronted the 14 year old girl admitted to stealing the wine coolers and drinking them. She was given a portable test which indicated positive for alcohol. The 12 year old girl admitted to stealing a doughnut and container of potato salad and consuming them in the store. The 14 year old also admitted to stealing a pair of sunglasses from the CVS earlier in the evening. Case sent to juvenile court.

OVI/BAC/Assured Clear Distance (SR 91 at Winchester.) April 27th. 2019 at 3:55 PM. Solon Police Officers were dispatched to a crash on SOM Ctr. Rd. near Winchester. During the investigation it appeared to the investigating officer that one of the drivers was impaired. A series of field tests were performed which indicated impairment. The driver, Cynthia Russell, 63 from Solon was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. A breath test was administered with a reading of .113. The driver told correction officer’s that she had been to a wine tasting event.

OVI/BAC/Failure to control (Harper US 422)April 27, 2019 at 11:51 PM. A Solon Police officer on patrol came upon a vehicle on Harper Rd. under US 422 disabled with a flat tire. The operator of the vehicle told the officer that he came down the exit ramp to fast and when turning left he struck the curb blowing out the tire. A moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage was coming from the vehicle and/or operator. When asked if he had been drinking the operator stated”Oh yea, but not enough to be illegal.” A series of field tests were performed which indicated impairment. A portable breath test also indicated impairment. Roger Newberry, 68 from Solon was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. A breath test was administered with a reading of .119.

Receiving Stolen Property (vehicle)/Drug Possession/Destroying Evidence (6170 SOM Ctr. Rd.) April 28, 2019 at 2:25 An officer on patrol received an alert on his MDT that a vehicle has just passed the LPR (License Plate Reader) at Solon Rd. and SOM Ctr. Rd and was entered as a stolen vehicle. Officers responded to the area and found the vehicle parked at Tru North Service station and unoccupied. Patrol units set up surveillance of the vehicle and observed as a male was going back and forth from the stolen vehicle to another vehicle parked directly in front of it (white vehicle with VA plates) occupied by 4 individuals. When the male finally entered the stolen vehicle it was converged on. A high risk traffic stop was conducted on the truck. Two males exited the vehicle, one from the driver’s side and one from the passenger side. The males began walking east towards SOM Ctr. and ignored police commands to stop. Both males began to run. One of the males ran behind Carter Lumber and scaled a fence. The second male (Driver side) stopped running after seeing additional responding police vehicles. The white vehicle attempted to flee the area and as it was the male jumped into an open driver’s window into the back seat. The vehicle was stopped and all passengers were removed from the vehicle. The male that had been in the driver’s seat of the stolen truck was identified as Shaqueill Barry Morris, 25 from Cleveland. He was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property (Motor Vehicle). The front seat passenger of the white vehicle was searched and 27 pills were found in a plastic bag in her coat pocket. 24 of the pills were identified as Oxycodone. The other 3 pills were identified as amphetamines. Dayanna Eshaie Monet Pique McCully, 20 from Cleveland was arrested for Possession of drugs and destroying evidence after it was discovered she attempted to hide marijuana in the back seat of the police vehicle. A subsequent search of the recovered truck discovered a replica AR-15 with an empty magazine as well as an empty real AK-37 magazine. In the white vehicle a replica Desert Eagle handgun was found under the driver’s seat. The male that ran was not located.

Domestic Violence (Liberty Hills Apartments) April 29, 2019 at 12:20 PM. Officers were dispatched to an apartment in the Liberty Hills complex to investigate an on-going domestic situation. Upon arrival the complainant/Victim reported that he and his ex-fiancé had been engaged in a verbal argument and when he retreated to his bedroom she attempted to enter his room. When she finally did enter she fell onto the floor. He continued that when she did get up off of the floor she slapped him in the eye. The female half of the situation confirmed the story with the exception that when she forced her way into the bedroom her hand accidently hit the victim in the face. Later during questioning, the victim changed his account stating that it could have been accidental and that her hand did slip as she fell and she did not get up off the floor and strike him. It was determined that Domestic Violence had not occurred and both parties were advised.

OVI/Refusal with 20 year prior/Open Container (Pettibone at Cromwell) May1, 2019 at 12:00AM. An officer on patrol made a traffic stop of a vehicle for equipment violations. While speaking with the driver the officer detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the vehicle and or driver. The driver also had bloodshot and glassy effect to her eyes. When questioned she denied drinking an alcohol and that she was coming home from work as a bartender. Field sobriety tests were conducted and it was determined that she was impaired. Allison Dobransky, 45 from Solon was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. At the correction center he was afforded the opportunity to submit to a breath test to which she refused to take. During a subsequent search of the vehicle an open bottle of Vodka was located in her purse. Also in her purse was an insulated cup containing fruit juice and an alcoholic beverage. The cup had been observed in the cup holder on the first approach to the vehicle by the officer.

OVI/Marked Lanes (Liberty Rd. at Bainbridge Rd.) May 1, 2019 at 10:14 PM. A Solon Police Officer on patrol observed a vehicle southbound on SR 91 make a left turn onto Bainbridge Rd. from a straight through only lane. The officer followed the vehicle and witnessed the vehicle cross the center line on 4 different occasions. The vehicle was stopped on Liberty Rd. south of Bainbridge Rd. While speaking with the driver a faint odor of marijuana was detected coming from the vehicle. The driver was talkative and seemed confused. A series of field test were performed and indicated that there was impairment from drugs. Ryan Milkovich, 23 from Bedford Hts. was arrested and taken to the Solon Correction Center. A breath test was administered with a reading of .001. A Drug Recognition Expert was summoned to the correction center and performed an evaluation. Milkovich admitted to taking “herb” called Kratom. He also admitted to taking a Vicodin within the past day or two. During a search of the vehicle, 23 capsules of an unknown brown powder and other bags with brown powder in them were discovered. These items were sent to the lab.

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