Cats Ears Sliced In The Area Of West 105th And Western Avenue


Cleveland, OH - On the evening of April 11th, in the area of West 105th and Western Ave., a resident found a friendly cat on her property whose ears appeared to have been sliced using a sharp object, such as scissors or shears.

The cat, now named Sargent, is in the custody of the Forever Friends Foundation, the rescue group that was contacted by the resident to help the cat. Sargent required surgery to amputate the ears. The veterinarians who examined his wounds believe the attempt to slice off his ears was an intentional act.

The Cleveland APL is handling the investigation. APL Humane Investigators have interviewed people in the area but have not yet received information that will help to identify any suspects. The Cleveland APL asks anyone with information about this incident or the identity or location of the suspects to call the Cleveland APL’s Humane Investigations Hotline at (216) 377-1630. A $500 reward is being offered to the first person who provides information that leads to the apprehension of a suspect.

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