33 Years Ago, America Tuned In To Watch Geraldo Open Capone's Safe

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As Game of Thrones captivates the country in it's final season, many believe that the HBO show will be the end of the "water cooler show."

Since the record-breaking series finale of "MASH,' Americans have become accustomed to talking about the next big thing on television. Twenty years ago shows like "Friends," "Seinfeld," and "The Sopranos" brought so many Americans to the television that a typical workday would be filled with people asking if Ross and Rachel were really on a break or if they ever came across anyone with "man hands."

In later years, it was up to show like "Breaking Bad," "House of Cards," and "The Walking Dead" have dominated work conversations.

However, as much as people love watching mobsters, zombies, or even dragons, nothing can dominate water cooler talk like a compelling news story by an equally compelling news anchor.

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