Solon Police Blotter: Stolen Credit Cards And OVI'S

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Theft/Illegal Use of Credit Card (6615 Parkland Blvd.): March 28th. 2019 at 5:00 PM. Solon Police are investigating a theft of a credit card and the illegal use of a credit card. The victim reported that on March 21, 2019 he was unable to locate his debit card in his wallet. Later he found the card in another part of his wallet where it is not normally kept. His wallet had been in his unlocked locker at his job site. On March 22, 2019 he discovered 3 unauthorized transactions on his account. The Solon Detective Bureau has been assigned the case.

Robbery (6231 SOM Ctr. Rd.) Marcs: March 29th, 2019 at 12:03 PM. Solon Police Officer’s were dispatched to the Marc’s store located at 6231 SOM Ctr. Rd. to investigate a report of a shoplifting incident that had just occurred. Upon arrival of the officer they met with a loss prevention employee who related the following. The employee observed a female removing items from shelves and placing them into a large brown purse. The female then walked to the front of the store and began to exit with attempting to pay for the items. The employee approached the female and identified herself and asked her to return to the store. The suspect began pushing the employee and then ran to a vehicle which fled the area. The employee was able to take a photo of the license plate of the vehicle. The Solon Detective Bureau has been assigned the case.

OVI/Prohibited BAC/ Marked Lanes: March 29th, 2019 at 10:41 PM.A Solon Police officer on patrol observed a vehicle proceeding south on SOM Ctr. Rd near Pettibone Rd. which was being operated in a weaving pattern. The vehicle would drift to the left crossing over the lane dividers and then back again to the right. At one point the vehicle almost made contact with a vehicle in the left lane. A traffic stop was conducted with the vehicle. After approaching the vehicle and conversing with the driver, the officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the vehicle. When asked if there was a reason for the poor driving, the driver indicated that she had “ the automatic thing going”. When asked what the automatic thing was the driver seemed confused and while motioning with her hands indicated that it was the lane departure feature of her car. When questioned about where she was coming from the driver indicated "downtown, um, um, like work, downtown Willoughby". The driver of the vehicle admitted to stopping in downtown Willoughby after work and consuming a "little bit" of alcohol. Field tests were performed and indicated that the driver was impaired. Jacqueline Pangonis, 51 of Twinsburg was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. At the correction center she submitted to a BAC test which had a reading of .200.

Fleeing and Eluding/Speed/No Drivers License.: On March 30th, 2019 at 12:09 AM. While on routine patrol a Solon officer observed a vehicle being operated at a high rate of speed on Hawthorn Pkwy. west bound from Solon Rd. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver of the vehicle failed to stop. The officer pursued the vehicle into Bedford Heights. The operator of the vehicle was observed committing numerous traffic violations while attempting to elude the officer. Finally the driver of the vehicle stopped the vehicle and then fled on foot leaving a female passenger in the car. After speaking with the passenger she agreed to call the male who had been driving the car. The driver surrendered himself to the police. The driver, Rashaun Brown, 31 of Bedford Hts. was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. Mr. Brown was found to have outstanding warrants from 3 other cities.

OVI/BAC/Open Container/Drug Possession/Failure to Control. 31000 Aurora Rd. : On March 30, 2019 at 10:12 PM. Solon police officers were dispatched to 31000 Aurora Rd. on a call of a disabled vehicle that had left the roadway. The caller believed that the operator of the vehicle was intoxicated. Upon arrival of the responding officers they discovered a vehicle with the front wheels stuck in the front yard at 31000 Aurora Rd. The driver of the vehicle was upset and crying and told officers that she was attempting to turn around in the driveway and became stuck. The officers explained to her that there was no driveway and that she had drove onto the front yard of that address. While conversing with the driver the officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath and person. She appeared to be unsteady on her feet. When questioned about drinking, she replied that she had “two beers”. A series of field tests were performed which indicated that she was impaired. Caroline Levine, 64 of East Cleveland was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. At the correction center she submitted to a BAC test which had a reading of .164. During an inventory of her vehicle an open container of alcohol as well as marijuana were discovered.

Disorderly Conduct by intoxication. 36200 Pettibone Rd. : On April 1st, 2019 at 11:29 PM Solon officers were dispatched to the Annex Bar and Grill at 36200 Pettibone Rd. on a welfare check. The complainant indicated that his brother was at that location and that he was highly intoxicated. Upon arrival the officers located the male inside the bar stumbling around. When they called out his name he failed to respond to them. One of the officers grabbed the male by the arm to inquire about his ability to care for himself. The male was unable to respond coherently and his physical appearance was that of someone intoxicated. While trying to arrange a ride for the male it was reported that the male had exited the bar and was found leaning against a fence asleep. When no ride could be found the officers then placed Bradley Twiss, 40 of Twinsburg under arrest and transported him to the Solon Correction Center.

Fraud/Theft: On April 3, 2019 the Solon Police Department was made aware by the Solon Schools that they had been told that there was a male going around the area soliciting funds for Parkside Playground. Apparently the person is telling people that their children will be receiving a flyer this week explaining the project. The Solon Schools are NOT soliciting funds for and playground projects. The Solon Detective Bureau is investigating the case.

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