Rocky River Police Blotter: A Woman Threatens To Jump Out Of Car On I-90

Below are items of interest from the Rocky River Police Department between Tuesday, 03/26/2019 through Monday, 04/01/2019. 

  • On 03/27/2019 at about 12:30 PM a resident on East Asplin reported her bicycle was missing and believed stolen. She last saw the bicycle in December 2018 in the garage and just discovered it was missing. The bike is described as a gray 27" LL Bean women's bike, black seat and grips, twenty-one speeds. There are no suspects. 

  • On 03/27/2019 at about 6:10 PM police responded to a call that an intoxicated woman was threatening to jump out of a car on Interstate-90. The driver had stopped the car near Detroit Rd. to wait for police. When police arrived, the intoxicated passenger would not allow the officer to speak with the complainant, constantly interrupting, swearing, and attempting to exit the vehicle onto the Interstate. After a short time 39-year-old Melanie Ramirez from Cleveland was arrested for disorderly conduct while intoxicated. While being processed at the jail, she threw one of her shoes at a dispatcher, striking her in the shoulder; there were no injuries. As a result, she was cited for disorderly conduct persisting.

  • On 03/30/2019 at about 4:15 PM police responded to Giant Eagle 22160 Center Ridge Rd. after store staff reported a man left the store without paying for merchandise. The suspect was stopped while walking from the store on Center Ridge Rd. A bottle of champagne valued at about $50 was discovered in his pants. Dominic Martin, 26-years-old from Cleveland, was arrested for theft.

  • On 03/31/2019 at about 5:20 AM police responded to the Rocky River Presbyterian Church after a snow plow driver reported a person sleeping on a bench, covered in snow, and not responding to the truck horn. Police arrived and discovered a statue that was covered in snow, appearing to be a person covered by a blanket. 

  • On 04/01/2019 at about 7:30 PM a caller reported a possibly intoxicated driver on Lakeview Rd. that pulled into a business parking lot at 20033 Detroit Rd. Police located the vehicle and noticed indicators that the driver had been drinking. Jason Jones, 46-years-old from Cleveland, was arrested for drunk driving and driving under suspension for a previous drunk driving conviction.

  • On 04/01/2019 at about 7:40 PM a caller reported a car with significant damage and dragging something pulled into he parking lot at Honey Baked Ham, 21943 Center Ridge Rd. The officer that responded found car there with significant damage to the passenger side. The driver had indicators of alcohol intoxication and an open container of liquor was found in the car. After field sobriety testing, Rebecca Ruffing, 47-years-old from Fairview Park, was arrested for drunk driving. It was eventually determined that the driver hit the fire hydrant on River Oaks Dr. at Center Ridge Rd., causing the damage to her car. She was also cited for driving over the curb.

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