Solon Police Blotter: Man Found With Female Panties

Solon Police DL

Domestic violence/assault of a police officer/resisting arrest (34785 Sherwood Dr.): March 14th. 2019 at 2:43 PM. Solon Police officers were dispatched to the above address on a complaint of a domestic situation. While en-route officers were advised that one party was threatening another with a hammer. Upon arrival officers learned from the caller that the other party was now armed with golf club and had retreated to his bedroom. The complainant advised that before they (the police) arrived the suspect had come up behind him with a hammer and had been threatening him. The suspect then struck a table with the hammer but did not hit the complainant. Officers along with the suspect’s mother attempted to engage him in dialog but the suspect kept repeating that he did not feel safe and that his parents and the police were liars. While still speaking with the suspect and attempting to have him drop the potential weapon, he stated that he must defend himself and took up a defensive posture. After advising the suspect that he needed to exit the room so that he can be taken into custody, he began beating the golf club on the ground shouting at the officers to “come on”. Seeing the situation escalating, and the suspect having a weapon a Taser was deployed. As the Taser was deployed another officer rushed the suspect. The suspect swung the golf club at the officer but missed. The suspect was wrestled to the ground where he struck one of the officers in the eye. After deployment of the Taser again the suspect was taken into custody. Arrested was Robert Gullia, 28 of Solon. Charges are Domestic violence, Assault on a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest.

Felonious Assault non-family member/Harassment by an inmate: March 17th, 2019 at 6:14 PM. While performing his assigned duties, a Solon Police Corrections Officer was attacked by an inmate. The corrections officer was in the cell block issuing the evening meal when an inmate being held on charges from Solon charged at the officer swinging his fists. The attacked spilled into a hallway where the inmate removed a fire extinguisher from the wall to possibly use as a weapon. The corrections officer gained control over the inmate and took him to the floor. Once on the floor the inmate proceeded to bite the officer on the hand. The officer was transported to a medical facility where he received treatment. Robert Gullia, 28 from Solon was charged additionally with Felonious Assault and Harassment by an inmate.

Drug Possession (US 422 @ Harper Rd.): March 16th, 2019 at 9:15 PM.A Solon Police officer on patrol observed a vehicle on US 422 going east traveling at a high rate of speed. A traffic stop was conducted and upon approaching the vehicle the officer discovered a male lying across the back seat. His feet were up and in plain view was a syringe with the needle exposed. Upon arrival of a back-up officer, the male was removed from the vehicle and handcuffed and searched. The syringe was still in plain view after the male exited the car. A search of the male discovered a folded paper bindle with a white powder. The subject stated that the powder was heroin. The male also reported that there was another paper bindle in the car containing cocaine and a plastic bag with marijuana but he was not sure of the exact location of these items. David Clark, 28 of Reminderville was arrested and secured in a patrol vehicle. The arresting officer then removed the driver from the vehicle and discovered that the syringe that had been lying on the back seat was now gone. While conducting a search of the vehicle the driver of the vehicle entered the car from the passenger and removed a Kleenex and a piece of paper. The syringe was not found but the items the driver removed from the car were discovered in the grass by the patrol car. A review of the dash camera did not provide enough evidence to charge the driver.

Physical Control/BAC/Open Container5065 Delray Ave.: On March 19th, 2019 at 11:01 PM Solon officers were dispatched to 5065 Delray Ave. on a complaint of a suspicious vehicle. The caller stated that the vehicle was parked in her driveway for the last 30 minutes and that she did not know the person nor was she expecting anyone. Responding officers discovered the operator of the vehicle passed out at the wheel.After being awakened, the officers detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. Solon Fire was requested to exam the driver due to her condition. While being evaluated officer’s discovered more than one open container in her vehicle. The operator was very confused and her answers to questions were delayed. Once cleared by Solon Fire field sobriety were attempted. The operator was unable to perform any tests and told the officer “I can’t, I can’t pass the test”. Arrested was Alexis Early, 30 of Beachwood. She was transported to the Solon Correction Center where she submitted to a breath test. The results of the breath test were .259. She was charged with physical control, prohibited BAC and open container.

Obstructing official business/Disorderly conduct by intoxication/Pedestrians crossing roadway. Harper Rd @ US 422: On March 21, 2019 at 12:39 AM Solon police officers were dispatched to US 422 @ Harper Rd. after CVD received a 911 call from a female. The female was screaming “get off of me” and also “give me back my car and phone”. It appeared that the female was directing the comments at a male. Responding officers checked US 422 and were unable to locate the caller. An officer patrolling Harper Rd. in the area of US 422 came upon a male walking hastily southbound. The male was walking in the middle of the roadway and his pants were torn. The officer activated his overhead emergency lights and asked to speak with the male. The male responded “fuck you” and continued walking, now on the sidewalk. The officers attempted to explain the 911 call they had received to the male. The male refused to show identification and was yelling at the officers. During this stop the officers determined that the male was highly intoxicated based on the odor of an alcoholic beverage along with his speech and actions. Arrested was Quinton Hicks, 23 of Cleveland. Mr. Hicks was found to have fresh scratches on his left leg and face. After being transported to the Solon Correction Center a pair of female’s panties were found in one of his pockets.

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