Cleveland reaction to the horrific attacks in New Zealand

(Parma) - Investigators are identifying a suspect in the terror attack that left 49 people dead in shooting rampages at two mosques in New Zealand.

Police have arrested three armed suspects in the terrorist attack and have charged Australian Brenton Tarrant, who livestreamed his own shooting spree at one of the mosques in Christchurch on a helmet camera.

Australian police describe Tarrant as "an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist." He wrote a 70-page anti-immigrant manifesto.

At the Islamic Center of Cleveland, youth leader Tariq Ata says he is very saddened by the attacks, and his prayers go out to the victims, but he is troubled that these kinds of massacres are becoming all to common worldwide.

Ata contends, people are becoming so polarized and self-centered that they are losing their humanity, and are acting like gods, instead of following God and his commandments. He feels the rise of social media is partly to blame. Instead of bringing people together, it's pulling them apart.

He says Parma Police are planning to increase patrols around their mosque as a precaution.

Facebook and YouTube are acting quickly after an alleged gunman in New Zealand reportedly livestreamed a mass shooting. The murders were reportedly livestreamed over the internet.

YouTube said it was working vigilantly to remove any violent footage, but users reported it was still widely available hours after it was first uploaded to the alleged shooter's Facebook page.

Facebook said police alerted them to the video on their platform shortly after the livestream started and they quickly removed it, and they took down the shooter's Facebook and Instagram accounts. Facebook said it's also removing any praise or support for the crime and the shooter.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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