Euclid Police Prisoner Escapes Inmate Transport Vehicle

(Cleveland) - Euclid police say that a prisoner being transported westbound on I-90, escaped the vehicle somewhere around 55th street.

The prisoner somehow managed to kick out a window and crawl out. He then proceeded to flee on foot.

The prisoner is not being identified by name at this time. The escape happened at about 3:15 Thursday afternoon.

Information directly from the Euclid Police Department is reproduced below:

"At 3:00 pm today, 24-year old Jonathan Alexander Lamun escaped the custody of the Euclid Police Depart-ment while being transported back to jail after his arrest in a nearby jurisdiction. Lamun kicked out the win-dow of the transport vehicle and ran off. Police were not able to locate him.

Lamun was under arrest for aggravated menacing and should be considered dangerous. If seen, do not attempt to approach him. Instead, immediately call the police in the jurisdiction where you are located and report his whereabouts and clothing description. Tips can be called into the Euclid Police Department at 216-289-8493. Lamun has a residence on the 6800 block of Hosmer, in Cleveland and could be headed that way. He was last seen in the area of the Steelyard Commons in Cleveland."

For further details on this developing story, listen at the top and bottom of the hour:

Photos: Getty Images, Euclid Police Department

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