Who Cares History Could Be Made In North Korea? Cohen Is About To Testify

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Earlier today, Air Force One touched down in Vietnam with President Trump preparing for a second summit with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

It would be assumed that The President meeting with the leader of a country that America is still at with would be front page news. It would be assumed that The President meeting with a leader of a country that is known for threatening America with nuclear weapons for 60 years would be the lead story on most broadcasts world wide. It would be assumed that The President opening a dialogue with one of the most dangerous countries on Earth would be the first story on every news website around the globe.

It would be assumed. It would also be wrong.

The media is so preoccupied in the stories told by a lying snake that they are putting the actual history on the back page. The tales told by Michael Cohen are not only salacious and scandalous, but they are also superfluous.

Even if anything that weasel said could be believed, absolutely none of it has anything to do with anything.

What will the media do if President Trump actually makes headway with Kim Jong-un?

Hopefully, sanity will win in the end and the media, along with Democratic leadership, will finally give The President some credit.

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