Cleveland Number One City To Become Citizen

Cleveland - The smoothest path to citizenship in the U.S. apparently runs through Cleveland.

The Plain Dealer reports a recent study done by Boundless Immigration (a Seattle tech company that helps families navigate the immigration process and apply for citizenship) ranks Cleveland number one relative to other metro areas.

Key factors in the study include Cleveland having the fastest average application processing time at just four months. Houston ranks the worst at near 17.5 months. Also, Cleveland ranks near or at the top in highest rates of clearing it's backlog of applications and has one of the most efficient U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Field Offices.

Boundless Immigration took into account 103 major metropolitan areas and 86 field offices for the study.

Another study done by Boundless immigration ranks Cleveland 10th at "Producing the Most New American Citizens". Columbus and Cincinnati rank numbers one and two on that list, which gives percentages of immigrants eligible for citizenship that were approved.

To find out more about the study, click here.

Photo by: Ken Robinson / WTAM 1100 / IHeartMedia 2019

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