Parma Police Officers Exposed to Fentanyl

(Cleveland) - Officers from the Parma Police Department were uneasy Wednesday afternoon, after a drug-related call led them to be exposed to cocaine which had been cut with the deadly opioid Fentanyl.

The call into dispatch was for an overdose at a house on Chevrolet Road. When the officers arrived, the man who had overdosed was violent and combative, attempting to swallow the drug evidence while keeping officers at bay. It took additional officers being called to the scene, but the suspect eventually was subdued, and transported to University Hospitals Parma for treatment. Parma Fire Department's EMS was called to the scene to inspect the officers for exposure, but each of them were eventually cleared.

Fentanyl is considered 100 stronger than heroin, and can cause serious damage or even death when it makes contact with skin.

Photo: WTAM

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