The True Story of a Former Green Beret Facing Murder Charges

After eight years and two investigations,  is being charged with murder in the death of an alleged Taliban bomb-maker during a 2010 deployment. Now, President Trump is saying he will be reviewing the case, calling him a hero. Todd South, reporter for the Military Times, joins us for how the story unfolded leading to these charges which carry the possibility of the death penalty.

Next, it’s agrowing problem especially now during the holidays… porch pirates.  As we are getting more and more things delivered to our houses every day, now you have to worry about more than being there when it arrives, you have to worry about people stealing your packages right from your doorstep. Elizabeth Weise, reporter for USA Today, joins us for what to do about porch pirates.

Finally, as malls across the country continue to lose storefronts, what happens to the mall Santa?  Sometimes there is no crowd, no line of kids waiting to sit on Santa’s lap. It’s not happening everywhere, but some mall Santa’s are struggling. Jennifer Levitz, reporter for the WSJ, joins us to talk about what’s a Santa to do when it gets really, really slow.

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