White House Fireworks Tuesday are a Preview of What's Coming

Today is all about the triple B’s. Border Drama, Biker gangs, and Baby Boomers. First, the President had a contentious meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over averting a government shutdown. The central issue was funding the border wall. There was shouting and snarky remarks by all involved, but ended with the President saying he would be proud to shut the government down over the wall. Marissa Fernandez, reporter for Axios joins us for the fight and where progress on the wall is right now.

Next, could the survival of the notorious biker gang, The Mongols, hinge on a trademark? The feds are hoping so. It’s an interesting tactic, take away their signature insignia and logo, and you strip them of their identity. They are in court now facing an array of racketeering charges. Joel Rubin, reporter for the LA Times, joins us to discuss how the feds are trying to take down the Mongols.

Finally, Baby Boomers, more than ever, are aging alone and the resulting loneliness could be a public health threat. Researchers have found that loneliness can take a physical toll on a person resulting in many different health concerns. Janet Adamy, News Editor for the WSJ, joins us to discuss a generation of Americans entering old age and being the least prepared for it.

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