Bay Village Police Blotter: November 28th

Bay Village - 

On 11/20/2018, at 07:15 hours, a resident on Glen Park, near Knickerbocker realized that her 2002 Lexus was missing from the driveway. She believes she left her keys in the unlocked vehicle.  Information was taken for a report and the Lexus was entered as a stolen vehicle into the national law enforcement database. Later in the day, another resident situated further north on Glen Park called to report that overnight his keys and some change had been stolen from his Chevrolet Trailblazer that was parked in the driveway. Information was taken for a report.

On 11/22/2018, at 23:33 hours, officers were dispatched to a report of Domestic Violence at a home on Maple Drive. Upon arrival, the husband was found outside of the house, with the wife being inside, in the kitchen; with blood dripping form her head. The wife said that earlier they had been at a party at a neighbor’s residence. Both had been drinking. After returning home, a verbal argument ensued, with the husband stating that he was going to sleep in another room. This resulted in the two throwing items at one another. Finally, as he threw something, she ducked behind the bed. The item thrown, hit a picture frame on the dresser, causing the frame to break and hit the wife on the right side of her head. The husband was arrested for Domestic Violence and held without bond over Thanksgiving weekend, since Rocky River Municipal Court was closed.

On 11/25/2018, at 00:15 hours, an officer on routine patrol stopped a Ford Escape for an equipment violation at the intersection of Wolf and Juneway. When the driver rolled down her window in order to speak to the officer an overwhelming smell of an alcoholic beverage and a faint odor of marijuana could be smelled coming from inside the vehicle. After failing the field sobriety tests and being arrested for OVI, the 28-year old female from Westlake was asked if the marijuana and white powdery substance found inside the Escape belonged to her. She denied ownership. The officer asked her if she had taken anything illegal tonight. She replied, “I was just drinking, because I knew I was driving and that’s what’s legal.”

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