First 24-Hour Dog Day Care In Cleveland Now Open

CLEVELAND – Stay, the first 24-hour dog day care in Cleveland, opened its doors at 1265 W. 65th Street in Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District on Monday, November 12th.  It is the first dog day care in the city to offer opportunities for dogs to play, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stay is unique as the only dog daycare in northeast Ohio to offer owners access to services any time of day or night, when most dog daycares have limited business hours and close in the evenings. Dog owners who work long hours into the evening, second or third shift jobs all night can drop their dogs off to play at any time.

Stay’s owners, Sara Scheuer and Amy Forrester, spent six months renovating a warehouse in the Gordon Square Arts District. The indoor facility has 8-foot windows and utilizes special canine grass with flushing and drainage to create a unique backyard environment indoors, avoiding the fluctuating Cleveland weather.

Scheuer and Forrester were inspired to offer Stay’s extended hours by their own fluctuating work schedules and love of dogs. Sara Scheuer is a paramedic and firefighter and works crash/rescue at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  Her best pal Kirby passed away this year, and she is dedicating her work on this project to him.  Amy Forrester comes from a manufacturing background, and her dogs Donny Bag O’Doughnuts and Murray Fletcher will be regulars at Stay

“We want to accommodate as many breeds, temperaments, and energy levels as we can.  We also want to accommodate as many dog owners as possible with worry-free drop off and pick up times, time slots as short as 2 hours, or as long as a day-and-a-half up to 18 hours for folks on extended shifts.  Being open all the time means that dogs can still get social time even if mom and dad work odd hours and lead busy lives,” said Amy Forrester, co-owner of Stay.

Stay officially opened for business at Monday, November 12th at 6:00 AM, and plans to remain open 24 hours daily. You can find out more about the day care here.

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