Bay Village Police Blotter: November 14th

Bay Village -

On 11/05/2018, at 12:51 hours, a 71-year old Knickerbocker Apartments resident came to the station to report that two days before he realized someone had taken his silver Crestwood bicycle from the rack on the west side of the building. The Bay Village Bicycle Co-op had given him the bicycle. When asked why he did not report the theft earlier, he replied that he is an optimist and thought someone took it because, “they must’ve need it more than me.” Information was taken for a report.

On 11/06/2018, at 01:41 hours, an officer on routine patrol observed a male wearing a gray hoodie, with shoes in his hands, walking in the street of Kenilworth, south of East Oviatt. When the officer attempted to talk to this male, and before he had even exited his patrol car, the male started running up the driveway of a residence. He ran into the backyard, before scaling a wooden fence and fleeing south bound. Additional officers responded to assist. Eventually the male was found hiding in a shed behind a house several houses south of his last known location. The 25-year old male from Wellington was arrested and charged with Obstructing Official Business, Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespass.

On 11/08/2018, at 19:49 hours, a 67-year old resident of the Knickerbocker Apartments called to say she had been scammed out of $400. Several weeks ago, she had received a call from a male who identified himself as “John Sawyer”. He informed the victim that she had won 2.5 million dollars from the Las Vegas Mega Millions lottery, but in order to claim her winnings she needed to send $100.00 to a “Pearl Johnson” at an address in Louisiana. The victim went to the post office, obtained a $100.00 money order and mailed it to the address.  Several days later “Sawyer” again called stating that he needed an additional $300.00 to complete the transaction. The victim wrote a personal check and sent it to the previously mentioned address. She had second thoughts and put a stop payment on the check. “Sawyer” again called and was able to convince the victim to send a $300.00 money order to the Louisiana address. A report was taken.

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