Trump Throws Out A School Yard Insult, Avenatti Takes A Shot A Geraldo

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After claiming victory following the dismissal of Stormy Daniels' defamation suit, President Trump took to Twitter to throw out a school yard insult.

It is completely unstandable to feel vindicated after a win in court, especially when the accuser is assaulting that person's character. Vindication is one thing, but malice is another. After a clear win, why does The President have to cloud the news cycle, along with the actual story, with a school yard insult that which would be kindly described as "unnecessary?"

The fact that the press is focused more on The President's insult, and not on Daniels', and her lawyer Michael Avenatti, unfounded accusations is hardly surprising. But, why even start the fight in the first place? All it does is give the press, and bottom feeders like Avenatti, a reason move the focus way from a victory back to their standard negative coverage.

In Avenatti's case, it is probably a good idea to have the whole story before throwing unfounded and fake news.

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