16 Cleveland Police Cadets Fired By The City

(Cleveland) – 16 Cleveland Police cadets have been fired for cheating and lying.   All 16 were let go this past Friday.

According to letters that were sent to each of the cadets, the notebooks they were required to keep at the academy all were plagiarized, and the cadets were not truthful during the investigation.  The State of Ohio requires police cadets to keep the notebooks.

The cadets who have been released are Jonathan Bellomy, Anthony Burdette, Brandon Chappell, Erica Johnson, James Johnson, Jordan Markey, Thomas McGervey, Tatayana Moore, Daniel Perstin, Elijah Preston, Nicole Russell, Tazhanae Spears, Harry Spikes, Michael Vaughn and Jonathan Young.

Copies of each of the letters of termination sent to each cadet were released to WTAM 1100 by the city with only the home addresses of each cadet redacted.

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