Bay Village Police Blotter

On 09/05/2018, at 19:20 hours, an officer was dispatched to a Glen Park address on the report that the resident was receiving harassing phone calls and voice mails. The complainant owns a house in Illinois and she had recently evicted the tenants. This action resulted in the former renter making repeated calls. The officer listened to the voice mail and despite it being laced with profanity; there was no overt threat of harm. The officer called the male in Illinois and left a voice mail on behalf of the complainant advising of the potential for negative consequences should he continue calling. As of this date, the calls have ceased.

On 09/07/2018, at 21:15 hours, officers were dispatched to a Lake Road address on the report of a domestic violence complaint. The victim had left the home and met the officers at the parking lot located at Lake and Columbia Roads. She said that she and her husband had been out to dinner with friends when a verbal argument broke out between the two of them. Once they arrived at home, the husband began breaking various items so she thought it best to leave. Her husband tried to forcibly remove her purse from where she was carrying it over her arm, causing bruises where the straps had been located. When officers arrived at the house, they saw a large pile of woman’s clothing and a large flat screen TV on the ground in front of the garage. There were also clothes and clothes hangers hanging from the second story balcony above the garage. After speaking to the husband, who appeared to be intoxicated, the officers placed him under arrest for Domestic Violence. He was held in jail until seen by RRMC.


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