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September 8, 2018

The City of Cleveland Reminds Residents to Stay Safe During Severe Weather

CLEVELAND – This weekend, the City of Cleveland is anticipating severe weather in the area as a result of remnants from Tropical Storm Gordon. The storm is expected to produce light to moderate rain beginning Saturday night and lasting until Monday morning. Heavy downpours and flooding are expected.

The Department of Public Utilities reminds residents to be safe when it comes to power outages and flooding. In order to do so, the City is providing general storm safety tips to help keep residents safe:

Flood Safety

  • Street Flooding – with the anticipated storms to hit the area this weekend, Water Pollution Control has some tips for residents to help keep them safe and to help minimize the flooding of streets at times of heavy rainfall.

Residents can help to keep sewers flowing freely by making sure the catch basins are clear from debris and other trash from the tops and around storm brains.

If street flooding occurs, residents should immediately contact WPC at (216) 664-2513. Calls are answered 24/7.

If you are under a flood warning or in an area where flooding is occurring, seek higher ground right away. Do not walk, swim or drive through flood waters. Remember – Turn Around, Don’t Drown

  • If water backs up into a basement, residents should notify WPC to investigate the problem. If the main sewer is found to be flowing properly the property owner will need to hire a licensed and bonded plumber to clear the connection on their property. It is a homeowner’s responsibility to make repairs if the problem in the connection is found to be between their property and the curb. If the problem is between the curb and the main sewer, a property owner needs to submit to WPC a receipt from a licensed and bonded plumber that notes the exact location of the problem.
  • Residents who experience high water in their basements and fear other problems can turn off the electricity at the main breaker or fuse box only if it can be done without standing in water. If residents cannot get to the electrical panel without standing in water, they should immediately contact their local electrical supplier to request assistance. Cleveland Public Power customers should call the CPP Trouble Line at 216-664-3156.

General Storm Safety Tips

  • Downed power lines – Never touch, move or go near any downed or hanging lines. The first action should be to call 9-1-1 or your local utility. CPP’s Trouble Line can be reached by calling 216-664-3156.
    • Do not put your feet in water where a downed line is laying
    • Do not try to move tree limbs
    • If you see someone who has come into contact with a downed line, do not touch them, again call 9-1-1
    • If a line comes down on your car stay inside, roll down your window and warn others to stay away. Call authorities or ask a passerby to call authorities. The only time you should exit a vehicle with a downed line on it is if it has caught fire. If the vehicle is on fire, open the door and jump with both feet together to avoid contact with the car. It is metal and therefore you could receive a shock.

Additional tips for staying safe

Check on your friends and neighbors, especially those who are seniors or have young children.

Check on pets and bring them inside if at all possible!


For severe weather alerts and emergency notifications, sign up for CodeRED at the City of Cleveland website ( and download the mobile application which available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.”

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