TUESDAY 9-5-18

1.   Tropical Storm Gordon moved steadily toward the northern Gulf coast and was expected to strengthen and become a hurricane. Top winds were at  65 miles an hour and the National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane warning from the Louisiana-Mississippi border to the Alabama-Florida border. Meanwhile, tropical storm warnings are posted for eastern Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa.  Have you been keeping an eye on Gordon?


2.      The start of hearings in Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court got off to what is being described as a raucous start on Tuesday. Dems tried to delay the hearings but Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley overruled them all while numerous protesters had to be forcibly removed from the hearing room.  Meanwhile, according to a new Rasmussen survey, 69% of likely voters think it is somewhat likely that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed.  Do you agree?


3.      Colin Kaepernick is becoming the face of the 30th anniversary of Nike's "Just Do It" campaign.  Do you think this will backfire on Nike or increase their sales?


4.      A couple who started a GoFundMe for a homeless man might be in trouble.  It started last year when a homeless man named Jon Bobbit went viral for helping a stranded motorist with his last $20.  That motorist and her boyfriend started a GoFundMe that raised over $400,000, but Bobbitt says he hasn't seen the money. After Bobbitt sued, an attorney for the couple admitted that his clients mixed the GoFundMe money with their own accounts and that the money was gone. The couple said they refused to give Bobbitt the money because he was a drug addict.  What kind of consequences could the couple be in for not fork over the GoFund me money?


5.      Students in California may be able to sleep in a bit thanks to a bill passed last week that would require middle and high schools statewide to start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. It's now in the hands of California's governor who has until the end of the month to decide if he will sign the bill into law.  Do kids even here in the Cleveland area start school to early in the day?


6.      First it was Apple becoming the first trillion dollar company a few weeks ago. Now, Amazon is has become the next trillion dollar company.  Amazon passed the $1 trillion mark on Tuesday morning. Apple and Amazon now make up more than 8% of the entire value of the S&P 500.  A company that has only been around for 24 years has already become a company worth $1 trillion.  Does it concern you that two companies make up nearly 10% of the S & P 500?


7.      To commemorate “National Women’s Equality Day” a “Go Topless Rally” was held in Ashville, North Carolina.   GoTopless.org says on its website: “If men are allowed to go topless in public women should have the same constitutional right”.   What do you think?  Should women be legally allowed to go topless?


8.       Nature Valley granola bars will no longer claim to use 100% natural oats in order to settle a lawsuit that claimed the bars contained small amounts of a pesticide. Three consumer groups said tests proved the granola bars contained zero-point-45 parts per million of the pesticide Roundup. Even though that is well below the EPA's maximum allowed of 30 parts per million, the groups argued that the "Made with 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats" label was misleading. How much do you trust the labeling of food products? 


9.   A school district in South Carolina is getting rid of “snow days” and is replacing them with eLearning Days.  When classrooms are closed because of the weather, teachers will send parents digital assignments their children will have to complete at home.  If for any reason students have a problem accessing the internet, they will still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time.   What you like to see eLearning days be implemented in Northeast Ohio schools?


10.   A marketing company is Minneapolis is offering fur-ternity leave.  The company will allow employees to work at home for a week if they get a new pet to help them adjust to their new surroundings.  Their company CEO said, "Part of embracing employee satisfaction as a business priority means recognizing important life events that happen outside of the office.” Do you think this will start a new trend with other companies?

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